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Why join Pet Locator? UK pets
  1. Pet Locator is aimed at pet lovers. It acts as a definitive directory for the pet world, giving listings of societies, clubs, breeders, shops, businesses, etc.
    THE, one stop guide for everything and anything to do with pets.
    It is designed with everyone in mind so you don't even need a Web site or Email address to get listed. UK pets

  2. The listing you are offered is not just a simple name and address!
    We offer listings that provide; Society/Club/Business Name, Address, Phone No, Fax No, E-mail address, Web address with a link to your site, Logo/Image, your own description of what you have to offer (services, products, etc. - up to 255 characters), your own keywords (the words that people might use to search for you) and a detailed map of where you are. Basically everything that potential customers need.UK pets

  3. And there's more! -
    • Personal recommendations are one of the best ways of getting new members/customers so we provide a COMMENTS system that allows your customers to comment on your club, products, or services.UK pets

    • An easy to use RATE THEM system so that potential members/customers can instantly see (stars) what others think of your club/products/services.UK pets

    • A TELL A FRIEND system that lets users send a message and details of a site to their friends. UK pets

    • We also show graphically if you are a New or Cool listing. You are automatically given a NEW listing status for 30 days and the COOL status is calculated by our users from the RATE THEM information.

    • We don't just enter your listing in to a long alphabetically stored list that users have to trawl through. They can simply type in the name of the club, society, business or any of the keywords that you have given us. That way they can find what they require simply and easily.UK pets

    • Each listing can be easily changed or modified so you can keep it up to date.

  4. What if a user only wants a dog training class in Kent? Easy! they can select the Kent qualifier on the search criteria and it will only search in their requested area.UK pets

  5. You can add more detail to your listing with an additional web page. This can include images and text as you require. For more details email us at
  6. What, you want to place a link back to Pet Locator on your Web Site?
    Not a problem, Click and follow the instructions.
  7. What, you haven't got a Web Site or your present one needs a revamp?
    Not a problem. Pet Locator offer a Web Design service that can produce a professional site for you at a very reasonable price. For more information, fill in the relevant field in the listing form or email us at UK pets

  8. Your haven't got anywhere to store your site or your present Internet Service Provider is costly?
    Wow! It's your lucky day. Pet Locator can provide cost effective Web Site Hosting as well. For more information fill in the relevant field in the listing form or email us at UK pets

  9. For those of you who really want to focus on potential customers, we also offer banner advertising. This gives you the opportunity to have your business/event shown site wide, on the main page or in specific categories. Advertisers are given an account so that they can monitor their campaigns statistics. Click here for more information.

Well that covers most of it for now but we will update the above, listies and users as we think of more great products and services. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve or additional services that you would like, email us at

UK pets
How to Join Pet Locator

  • Read the help instructions. Click here!UK pets

  • Fill out the Listing form. Click here!UK pets

  • Don't forget to tell your customers and collegues where they can find you on the net!

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